I have been absent for some time from shooting as much as I would like due to another surgery on my arm/hand.  I am not able to type at the moment and this will all be dictated so I apologize for any spelling or grammar issues.

A couple of days ago I was on my way home from therapy and decided to stop at my local thrift store.  I stumbled upon an old lens that I had never heard of.  It was housed in its original felt tube.  I was unsure about what it was and what makes it so special, I just knew that it was a good one.  There isn't to much info on these floating around the internet so I am going to do my best to state the facts.  The A.Schacht Ulm  M-Travenar 1:2,8 / 50 R was made in Germany somewhere between 1950-1970.  This is a 50mm 1:1 Macro lens with 12 rounded aperture blades as seen in the image to the right.  This particular copy has a Minolta mount on it.  This might sound like a deal breaker to some however, todays mirrorless cameras make shooting old lenses a breeze with cheap adapters.  

Once I got the lens home and gave it a quick cleaning, I put it on my FujiFilm X-T1 and gave it a go.  I was blown away with what this little lens can do.  I have been shooting with it the last couple of days and it has yet to disappoint.

The Proof:

This lens produces some of the most unique flare I have ever seen.  While it can be a bit much at times it is one of a kind.

Another example of flare.

Images of the lens:

So far I am blown away with what this lens can do.  I can't wait to get out with it more.