A lot of people I know choose to hunker down and stay inside when the winter months set in.  Not I.  I love getting outside and enjoying the cold months.  Sure, I would love for it to be 70º all year round, but those are not the cards we are dealt.  So get outside and live a little!

My daughter and I headed to the park this morning for a bit of fun in the snow.

The following images were shot on my FujiFilm X100s

This set of images were shot with my Pentax 67  / Super Takumar 105 2.4  -  Kodak Portra 160nc    This film expired in 2012 and was stored who knows how.  I exposed to the proper times via meter.  Had to turn up the exposure and lower the contrast to bring out the shadows a bit.  I plan on shooting this film +1 stop in the future.