Took the train down from Milwaukee to Chicago yesterday to do some street shooting.  This was the first time I really had a good opportunity to shoot my newly acquired FujiFilm GF670.  I had only put a few rolls through it up to this point, mostly just getting used to the focusing and meter.  This would be the first time I could see how it performed and if I was going to get along with it.  Overall Im extremely happy with the results.  Do they stack up to some of the other cameras I own / have owned?  In some cases yes, others not so much.  The images aren't as crisp as I have gotten with a Mamiya RZ67 or Pentax 67.  However, both of those cameras are so large that they make taking them anywhere a pain.  Also the GF670 has a built in meter as well as aperture priority which both work great for street shooting.  Will I end up keeping this camera?  That remains to be seen.

Equipment used: 

FujiFilm GF670

Canon P / Jupiter 12 35mm 2.8

FujiFilm Acros