I never seem to be patient enough to wait for the sun to finish putting on a show.  This morning was no different.  After shooting for an hour and getting a couple of frames, I packed up and headed south toward home.  The whole way looking east over the lake at what the clouds were doing.  I had to pull over and Im glad I did.  I was able to capture the last image just as I got soaked.

FujiFilm X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/8.0  140.0sec.  Lee Big Stopper + .9 soft grad

FujiFilm X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/16  3.0sec.  Lee .9 Soft Grad

FujiFilm X-T1  XF14mm  f/8.0  20.0sec.  Lee Big Stopper

FujiFilm X100s  ISO 800  f/2.0  1/220sec.

FujiFilm X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/22  .5sec.  Lee .9 Soft Grad