A few weeks ago I picked up this "little" guy from a local garage sale.  It is a Bronica S2A with a Nikkor-P 75mm 2.8

Well, I finally ran a roll thru it and have had time to process it.  Overall, I'm thrilled that it works.  However, there are a few issues with it.  1.  The focus seems to be slightly off resulting in some soft images.  2. There is a small light leak.  Things would have probably gone a little better had I taken the time to meter any of these shots.

Oh well, it is going to look good as a decoration piece on my desk.

All of the following shots are scanned from prints.  Film used was Illford XP2 Super 400.

And just for fun a couple from my X-Pro 1 & XF56mm 1.2 all shot wide open this morning...