Tonight was the 2nd annual Surf@Water event here in Milwaukee.  The focus of the event is to get everyone interested in Lake Michigan and all it has to offer.  I spend a lot of my time on and in the water.  However, I know people that live in the area and never even come down to the lake and enjoy everything it has to offer.  There was a plethora of events though out the day including a sunrise paddle out, surf lessons, stand up paddle board lessons, music, films on the beach and all around good times.  If you have never been to Milwaukee or Wisconsin for that matter, you should come visit!  I have lived in a couple different parts of the US and can honestly say that Milwaukee is the most welcoming city and community around.  On a side note, these images along with some actual surfing the fresh water will be published in the fall issue of Driftless Magazine


These are a few from today