I got on the road early this morning to head to one of Wisconsin's true wonders.  Located just outside of Baraboo, this gorge is hands down one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  This trip marks my 4th time visiting.  Each time I feel like I have a better understanding of how to balance the harsh lighting in the canyon in order to get the correct exposures.  It is an amazing feeling walking through the water and down waterfalls with 60ft walls on each side of you.  I feel blessed to have such an inspiring location not far from where I call home.  3.47hrs and 234miles later, I'm home.  I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I did capturing them.

Fuji X-Pro 1  XF35mm  ISO 200  f/8.0  4.0sec  *ONA Union Street Camera Bag for good measure.

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/9.0  5.0sec  Lee .9 soft grad

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/11  4.0sec

Hey look, it's me...

Fuji X-T1  Xf14mm  ISO 200  f/11  7.5sec 

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/20  10.0sec  Lee .6 soft grad

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/8.0  3.1sec

Fuji X-Pro 1  XF35mm  ISO 200  F/22  6.0sec

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/6.4  3.1sec

Fuji X-T1  XF14mm  ISO 200  f/20  8.5sec  Lee Big Stopper

Fuji X-Pro 1   XF35mm  ISO200  f/10  9.0sec  Lee Big Stopper

The Man.  The Myth.  The Legend...  "Camera" Dave Wittemann